One of the most exciting aspects of my job is designing a new logo. A logo says so much about you and your business that finding the right tone is critical. Playful, reliable, established, dynamic…no matter what you’re trying to convey, I’ll create a logo which strikes the right tone you want your business to strike.

When I’m asked what the difference is between a logo, an identity and a brand, this is what I usually try to convey: your logo is part of your identity, your identity is part of your brand. Your logo is the first visual element which comes to mind when an audience thinks about your company, but it is also part of a collection of visual elements – such as fonts, color systems, layouts, messaging and style guides –  which contribute to an identity. These then all contribute to the emotional relationship and expectations your audience has about your product or company, which is is your brand. Whether you just need a logo, a developed brand or